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TO SELL LIQUID KETAMINE is a General anesthetic. Ketamine is actually a special type of anesthetic, known as the dissoziatives anesthetic.



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Kaufen Sie Ketamin-Flüssigkeit problemlos online und ohne versteckte Gebühren bei Industrial Chemical Online. Ketamin ist ein einzigartiges Medikament, und Menschen sind ausgeflippt, wurden verletzt, ausgeraubt oder begrapscht, weil sie sich der „dissoziativen“ Eigenschaften von Ketamin nicht bewusst waren.

Ketamine can cause sensations of unreality, as well as visual and sensory distortions, a distorted sense of body, temporarily, of strange thoughts and Beliefs, as well as feelings of elation or a high feeling.

Although ketamine lasts only 15-40 minutes, no longer separates the consciousness from the body, so that it is able to feel your body safely or to control. Walk, Run, or move it at all can be impossible, which can be harmful, if you suddenly find yourself in a dangerous Situation.

Dissociative drugs can See-, color-, sound-, Self -, and environment distortion lead. Ketamine is available as a clear liquid or cream-colored powder for intravenous injection or as a nasal spray available.

Why is ketamine used medically? Ketamine can relieve pain and lead to a loss of short-term memory (e.g., amnesia due to a medical operation).

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  • Due to the Blockade of N-Methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA)-point of ketamine relieves quickly the symptoms of depression and acute suicidal ideation.
  • In surgery it is used as an introduction and conservation of resources for sedation and General anesthesia are used.
  • It is also used to control pain for burns, battlefield injuries, and children can use due to side effects or allergies, no other anesthetics.

Because serious side effects such as heart rhythm disturbances may occur, should amiodarone or Droxidopa can be used. This is not an exhaustive list of all possible inter-actions. Check with your doctor whether ketamine could interfere with the action of other medicines you are taking. Before you start or stop using, please consult your doctor.

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