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Ketamine is a well-known dissoziatives anesthetic, which is used in both humans and in animals. In the last few years has proven to be ketamine as a promising drug for the treatment of severe depression and other mental disorders. You can buy ketamine online in our Shop, safely and with fast delivery

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Ketamine has proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of severe and bipolar depression. Even in patients with thoughts of suicide, it shows a positive effect, which lasts an average of seven days. The effect of the preparation is assessed by the patients, in General, very positive. Reports of euphoria, feelings of happiness, which is a Merge with the surroundings, hallucinations and a feeling of lightness and physical well-being.

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2cb is a psychedelic drug similar in effect to ketamine. If you want to buy 2cb online, you should know that this drug in many countries is illegal. Make sure that you choose a reputable source if you want to buy 2cb online, and be aware of the possible legal consequences.

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2CB, also known as 4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxy benzene ethanamine, is a psychedelic drug of the family of phenethylamines. It has been used since the 1970s in the leisure and in medicine. The effect of 2CB is similar to that of MDMA and LSD, but it has a more calming effect.

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