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Our main activity in Good Dealer Meds is Anesket offer for sale. For this reason, we do not offer or provide Anesket with or without a prescription. Customers around the world can buy Anesket Online with or without a prescription. This medicine has the same effect as ketamine. It is used for sedation of patients in the case of major surgical interventions. Therefore, it belongs to the same medical group (anesthetic).

The drug is supplied in a colorless vial, can be injected and is due to its hallucinogenic and sedative properties is highly effective. In most countries of the world, Anesket as a muscle relaxant sold. Apart from its use as a sedative or anesthetic, the drug can be in the treatment of pain and depression is very useful, and the list goes on.

Anasket is a drug that is approved for use in most countries and all over the world. Our deliveries are made direct from the manufacturer. This is a laboratory control, which we offer under the brand name of Anesket.

A Medical Prescription

Pure Anesket a prescription drug. It is quite effective and is used by most of the people, under the supervision of a medical expert. Do not increase the dose without consulting your doctor. In children, the use is not proven, therefore, you should consult a expert. Keep this medicine away from children. In case of Overdose, poison, consult a doctor immediately.

Side effect

The most common side effects are skin rash, Nausea, or vomiting. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or have severe heart disease, a recent history of stroke or serious head or brain injury suffered. Use in nursing mothers is safe.


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